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iPhones and Toilets Don’t Mix

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iPhone in a Toilet, derp derp

Ok, a moment of herp derp from your fearless WPR overlord happened tonight when I went to go have a workdump and I accidentally dropped my lovely iPhone 3GS into the toilet, panic then ensued.

I had always heard stories of people dropping their phones down the shitter, I just never had any clue that I’d become one of these mouth breathers that can’t hold onto their consumer electronics while relieving themself. Now I sadly can include my name among the ranks of flatheads that have done so.

Lucky for me, this all happened pre-game so I had no ‘fishing’ to do…just a quick snatch and grab and hurried powering off. Thankfully the phone only took on a bit of turlet-water and just involved a round of canned air and paper towel stabbings to clean out all of the excess water. I’m not kidding when I say that this thing was fully submersed before I had a chance to react, it’s was DOWN THERE.

The good ol Apple product is currently powered on, charging, and playing some of my favorite tunes as I write this, so I’m pretty certain I’m out of the woods when it comes to circuit damage…but I’m going to have it under observation for the next 24 hours to make sure it’s all ok.

I just feel so stupid for dropping it right into the worst toilet in the world, the last stall in the men’s room…where all of the heavy hitters go after lunch. What about the rest of you, have you too ever suffered the dreaded ‘toilet drop’?

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