iPhone Review – Flight Control

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Developer: Firemint

Release date:  26 February 2009

Flight Control is a strategy game for the iPhone where you take control of an air traffic controller and try to land an ever increasing amount of jumbo jets, bi-planes and helicopters. To control the game the player simply has to select the aircraft they want to guide onto the runway and then plot a course by dragging their finger across the screen onto the required runway; the long runway for jumbos, the short runway for bi-planes and the helipad for the helicopters.


Things start off simply enough you’ll only having to guide a couple planes at any one time onto the runway and it’s fairly easy to pay attention to all of them and guide them in safely but then will quickly get out of hand with the computer putting loads of jets, planes and helicopters on the screen at once and you have to micromanage every landing to ensure the aircraft don’t crash into one another and you’ll find it becomes very chaotic and getting into higher numbers can be fairly tricky.  I was quite surprised to find that my hands were not constantly blocking the screen whilst your aircraft on the correct course instead you’ll find yourself setting up one aircraft then having a good look at your available options before setting up another plane.  Luckily the graphics are all bright, clear and simply drawn so no matter how busy the screen gets you can always tell what’s going on and the retro style of the menu screens give the game it’s own unique look.


The game is a perfect title for the iPhone in no small part because of it’s simplicity, it’s easy to pick up play it for ten minutes and put down again and it doesn’t seem to batter the iPhone battery if you end up playing for an extended period.  Like many of the popular iPhone games the game game allows you post your high scores straight to your Twitter feed, my current high score is a fairly lowly 52, some of the people I follow on Twitter are already well into 100+ and there are some high scores floating around the internet indicate people are already well into the 500s! The game is addictive and a lot of fun and for the current sale price of $1 (59p), you really can’t afford to miss out.

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