iPhone Impressions – Civilization Revolution

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I’ve been waiting for a Civilization title to rear it’s head on the iPhone for a little while now, it’s the perfect platform for Sid Meier’s popular strategy game and now we’ve finally got a title in the form of Civilization Revolution. I picked up the game this afternoon and have emerged several hours later with a new portable addiction. Hit the jump for my impressions of the game so far.

For those of you that haven’t played any of the Civilization Revolution games that were released last year the premise of the game is exactly the same as the other Civilization games but with a lot of the in-depth management stripped out in order to streamline the game, the management is still there but the computer takes care of a lot of you letting you get on with world domination. One of the more notable omissions is the worker, rather than choosing to clutter the screen with workers all of the jobs they did previously are now automated, for example if you want to build a road you simply select ‘build road’ form the city menu making things a lot simpler and saving the player a lot of time.

I was expecting to get a streamlined version of the game but what you’re getting here is the full game of Civilization Revolution, nothings been cut out the amount of content they’ve squeezed into the game is amazing. Fans of the series will know that games of Civilization can last over 10 hours if you’re playing properly which can put a lot of people off, luckily the games in Civ Rev will only last around 3 – 4 hours making it a lot easier for newcomers to the series to get involved and actually complete a round which was a common complaint of series regulars.

Playing the game is simple, everything is controlled via the touch screen, there’s no fancy motion control here. If you want to move a unit you drag it across the map and it’ll automatically move until their moves points are used up and everything else is controlled by a simple touch on whatever option you want to use/build or study. The fight scenes are surprisingly well animated, loading up into a separate screen when you encounter enemies where they then proceed to fight one another until one party falls.

The graphics in the game are fantastic, sticking with the series cartoony visuals ensures that everything looks clear on the screen and never really seems cluttered, even when you’ve got a lot going on in the game and I’ve yet to experience slow down in the game even towards the end when there tends to be a lot going on on the and you have multiple units to scroll through.

I was expecting to pay at least £5.99 for this game and I would have paid it too, I was shocked to find the game is only £2.99 ($5) which is an absolute steal for the sheer amount of content that’s included and I haven’t in got around to trying out some of the pre-set scenarios that are included in the game, if you’re still undecided they’ve had the good sense to release a lite version of the game straight away but take my advice, pick the game up straight away it’s well worth it.

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