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Coming Soon: iPhone 3GS Elitism

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We’ve all known and feared it, but didn’t expect it would be just around the corner…thanks to the new CPU in the iPhone 3GS, we now have an iPhone that is capable of handling more beefy games and applications from Apple’s App Store. This means that one day, the 40 million of us iPhone gamers will have to drop our old beloved 1st Gens in favor of the new hardware.

Both EA and Sega say that they will develop side-by-side versions of whatever application they’re working on so that iPod Touch and iPhone (non-3GS) users will still be able to benefit from the use of their software, just some apps will be even more awesome on the better platform (much like making games on multiple console gaming systems).

I do see one day in the not too distant future where this is phased out, but that’ll probably be closer to when we see the iPhone 4G and up. I love Apple products but their history of supporting legacy platforms makes me sad.

I can’t really bitch though because I’ve been waiting for the new iPhone to hit the shelves and this is just another excuse for me to use it’s purchase as a tax ‘write-off’.

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