James Helsby

iPad2 to go with QXGA resolution?

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Some ‘company insiders’ are spreading the rumors that the iPad2 will skip full 1080P resolution (1920×1080) and go to some obscure resolution of 2048 by 1536 (otherwise known as QXGA).

My gut tells me this will be wrong. Apple has no reason to skip the ‘full 1080p’ moniker. Considering that a much larger portion of the populace will understand what 1080p means as it relates to full HD. QXGA doesn’t really mean anything to anyone who doesn’t understand VGA resolutions scales.

The only reason that QXGA makes sense, is because it can maintain the current 4:3 aspect, while still achieving full HD.

So, I think 1080p is really where the iPad2 will end up, and while speculating about a future product doesn’t really give us any more information than we started with, it at least lets us have a little fun with sideline bets.

Speculate away.


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