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iPad Orientation Switch Fixed in 4.3

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By Crom’s beard, it’s about damned time that they fixed this issue.

Pre-iOS 4.2, the iPad’s little switch on the side of the device next to the volume rocker was used to control the object’s orientation. With the introduction of iOS 4.3, the ability to use the switch as either a mute switch or an orientation switch will be enabled.

Normally, with it disengaged, the device would adjust between landscape and portrait mode via the accelerometer within the iPad. This can be the most annoying thing when trying to read something in bed or in a situation where you’re not using it in a way that would confuse the little bugger.

It was a handy switch that many of us loved to use. But when Apple pushed out the 4.2 update, it went away and we had to a double-click on the home button, swipe to the right and touch a button there to lock it. It got to be a real pain in the ass to use.

I’m just glad that with 4.3 we’ll get the option to choose what we want it to do. I bet you $10 bucks that they’re going to add more than just the two options with 4.4. Just wait.

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