Invincible #73

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The Viltrumite War continues!  (Yes, it is required that every reviewer of this books says that.)

You might have thought that after the last issue this one would also show some crazy battle as the war escalates.  I know I did.  I was wrong (again!), pleasantly surprised though.  This is a plot-driven issue of Invincible, and my favorite of recent issues.

Issue 73, which is the third part of the Viltrumite War, has the usual gang of wonderful creators, lead by Robert Kirkman (writer) and Ryan Ottley (penciller).  Also, Cliff Rathburne, a frequent Kirkman partner not only on this title but also The Walking Dead, inks while FCO Plascencia continues the wonderful colors.

Those three responsible for the visuals continue to do a strong job on making this a visually striking comic.  I cannot say much more about the quality of the art.  It is good, and as been consistently so for a while.

In regards to the story, as I mentioned, I was surprised by how plot-driven this story was–not battle- driven.  For some reason, this story seems to revolve around pairs:  Nolan and his youngest son, Oliver; Tech Jacket and Allen the Alien; the leaders of the two opposing forces; even the two communication officers at the end…  Yes, Invincible is in this story too, he is just not a major player, and you can guess why after last issue.

It is a quiet issue, but things happen.  I will not lie:  I like this comic and have found my interest drawn back to it since The Viltrumite War began.

Bottom Line $2.99/$2.99

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