Ryan Thomason

An Introspective of WPR 2013

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It seems that a vast majority of the world takes the beginning of a new year to reflect upon the one previous, we will be no different in that regard. I figured what better way to launch the new layout of our site than with a bit of reflection.


I don’t want this to end up being too much of me tooting our horn about how great 2013 was for WPR in terms of a tiny bit of recognition in a vast sea of the Internet. If it does become too much like a self indulgence, I apologize in advance. WPR is my baby, Our Staff some of my greatest friends and the future seems limitless.

First off, I want to thank WPR Founder/Shogun, Xopher Reed. He created this beast some 7 years ago when he became a disgruntled community member of a very established gaming website that wouldn’t acknowledge his contributions. Along with others, he created the foundation for what we have today. Kept it alive by all means necessary and finds any time he can within his crazy life to stick his hands in the WPR Code and play with the guts of making things look purty. He sometimes get lost in the site acknowledgments because so much of his contribution is behind the scenes. When he is able to get out and writing articles, we bask in his glory.

Now, we went through quite the staff changes in 2013, from a bare-bones crew of contributors to an actual determined core group of staff writers working toward the same goal. Jasen (Editor of Watch), Becky (Staff Writer), Kyle (Staff Writer/Movie Critic) and Brian (Staff Writer) all joined us in 2013. Kristi Herwarth joined our Executive ranks as our Director of Social and Content Strategy and has been a key reason for our recent developments. All of their contributions to the site have been huge, taking so much weight off my shoulders and letting me focus on the WPR behind the curtains more. We lost one of our site Founders/Senior Editors, Ryan Wilson as he decided to step down and focus on developing a game, we wish him the best of luck with Dirigitive. Our stead-fast contributors; Evan Burkey, Ryan Bez, Robert Chesley, Jamie Gibson have all found time out of their lives to lend us their words. New contributors; Sarah Eitelberg, Adrienne Fox, Carleigh Van Allen, Joe McClean, Dan Salvucci, Wes Bruce and Molly Erickson-Mortensen are all working with us, lending their time. Giving us a chance to be their soapbox.

Our social media and web traffic has grown some crazy number like 400% in 2013. We started a daily newsletter and have been expanding all our tools to make sure that you, the reader are getting your content that we hope you enjoy. We started off only giving away Advance Screening tickets to movies solely in Salt Lake City area. Now, we’re also working with the Seattle and Portland markets as well. With hopes to expand to more metropolitan areas within the US. WPR Staff went to eight different conventions as press in 2013, building our skills and Immunities as we prepare for the beast of all conventions, SDCC. We were in a documentary, and one of our writers comments made the slipcover for a book that was published, we’re up to 2 seconds out of 15 minutes of fame.

We are incredibly optimistic that 2014 will be the year WPR takes it to a new level. Mostly, that we can quit our paying jobs and focus more on this thing that we all love.

Lastly, but not the least by all means. I thank you, our reader. Oh, and our spouses for putting up with us staying up late so much to work on our writing. You guys are the reason why we exist, why we keep trying to stay on top of all the big news breaks, why our passion continues to be fueled. We wouldn’t be having as much fun as we are if you weren’t a part of it. For that, we thank you. We hope you are entertained. We hope you are informed. We hope that we gave you a reason to keep coming back. Oh, and our spouses for putting up with us staying up late so much to work on our writing.

We hope you stay. Big things are coming our way and we want you to be a part of it. Cheers to the end of a fantastic 2013, our greatest year ever as a Geek Opinion/Reviews site. Now to dive into our future.

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