Ryan Thomason

Introducing the WPR Youtube Channel

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New expansion into our own digital content ahoy!

Well, now that we have a fancy pants camera to take videos with, we decided that we might as well make content that we can slap onto The Youtubes for you to watch. We’re going to be putting up interviews, No Hungy Fitness, Geek Dad Reports, and whatever else we decide that we have time to record and then brush up/learn some video editing skills.

Our first videos come from the editing skills of Evan Burkey and the amateur video recording skills of myself at The Protomen concert. Hey, it’s my first time doing something beyond my kids being cute for the family camera, so, if it’s terrible, tell me and I’ll keep working on getting better. If you could be so kind, Like our vids, share them, and subscribe to our channel! We’re going to be getting a lot more content underway as we roll out this new phase of the website and we’re incredibly excited to be doing it for you loyal readers of WPR.


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