Alan Smithee

Introducing the STEMBURGER

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I imagine a world of vegetarians and Hindus eating hamburgers. Call me crazy but I think that scientists are getting closer and closer to making my twisted fantasy come true.

In the Netherlands, there are currently scientists who are working their asses off making meat from stem cells, in other words, they’re growing beef as if they were growing a culture of yeast.


Ok it’s not so simple, but think of it this way, stem cells from a cow that was set to be dispatched are harvested, prodded to multiply and then made into muscle cells. These cells create a layer of pure muscle cells (NO FAT) that are layered on top of each other essentially creating a burger in a beaker.

I can’t wait to have one myself, but then again, I’d eat almost any kind of meat…even human (I’m not even kidding). This could solve the humanity of meat as you’re not murdering an animal to eat their flesh, it’s all lab grown! Also you’d not need the giant farms anymore to get meat the old fashioned way. I shudder to think of the possibilites of this new industry in the near future.

I can’t wait. I friggin’ love science!

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