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Introducing the PlayStation Portable Phone?

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Some of us have known that this was coming, and many of us chose not to believe it…but here you can see the prototype for the new PSP Phone. We’ve got pictures and specs for you to go wild over.

First of all, everything that you could ever want to know about this bugger can be found over at Engadget, who we conveniently borrowed pictures from (thanks guys!).

So, the new Sony Ericsson phone will be an Android based phone that will also double as a PSP Go. It’s got a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 chip, 512MBs of RAM, 1GB of storage, and a screen that looks like it could be about 4 inches big. It will not only be able to download and play PSP games, but will also hook up to the Android marketplace, which is great news for us gamers who are sick of nothing but touch screen controls.

I will pass. But I do appreciate the effort that the guys at Sony are trying to make by bringing both platforms into one. I’ll just wait until the PSP2 comes out, we’ll see then if I’m going to continue with the handheld world.

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