Alan Smithee

Introducing the Ryno

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Do you have a need for a short commuting vehicle that’s street legal? Do you have about five grand to spend? Do you also want to live out your Venus Wars anime fantasies or maybe the Capsule monocycle from Dragon Ball is more your thing? Well this Portland start up has just the thing for you.The Ryno one-wheeled electric motorcycle has just entered reality and already is creating a serious demand, so much so that the company has said that they have more preorders than they can handle.

The cycle works via gyroscopes and accelerometers in order to provide drive and balance. To go forward you simply sit on it and lean forward (much like a Segway) and to slow down you either lean back or use the brake lever on the handlebar, but considering the vehicle doesn’t go over 10 miles per hour, you essentially could probably just put your feet down to slow you down.

I really like the way this bike looks but with an operating range of only 10 miles per full charge, I’d question how handy it would be as a commuter vehicle especially since my commute is mostly uphill and my road bike doesn’t have a range other than my fat ass is willing to pedal or in the cases of it being winter driving my car.

It really is just a needful thing, but it’s still damn cool to look at and dream of the next iteration.

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