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Introducing Obduction

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What happens when you get the studio involved with making two of the most hauntingly beautiful PC games ever made on Kickstarter? You get Obduction.

Cyan (the same company who made the best selling series Myst) has reached out to the Kickstarter community to help them crowdsource their next project which is being titled Obduction. The game follows in the style of their other successful hits, they’ve even gone so far to say that this game is the “spiritual successor” to Myst. Instead of trying to carry all of the baggage that comes with the Myst universe, the crew at Cyan decided to begin with a brand new game.

The game will play much like Myst or Riven as it drops the player into an alien world where you have to explore and solve puzzles as you go along. The title has been something that Cyan has wanted to do for about the last decade and wouldn’t see the light of day until the summer of 2015 if funded (which is sitting at about 80% funded as I write these lines, with 12 days to go). It looks like the project has wheels and will be funded.

The company is a bit worried that the game might not sell well because there isn’t much call for the older style of adventure/exploration game these days. They’re afraid that it will work for those looking for a nostalgia buzz, but few others. However, one needs only look at Telltale games for their successes like The Walking Dead to realize that people still like point-and-click gaming on PC.

They are building the game using the Unreal Engine 4 and if it hits the first stretch goals, it will get Oculus Rift support, which will be simply amazing looking and damn near immersive. Go check out their tiers of support as a mere donation of $25 gets you a copy of the game for Mac or Windows (fingers crossed for a stretch goal of Linux). I love seeing older style games like this getting a modern touch and can’t wait to see how awesome this turns out.

Go back them and check out the rewards system if you SO DESIRE.

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