Ryan Wilson


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Greetings readers. For those of you who aren’t listening to Small Medium at Large (and if you aren’t shame on you), I’ve released a brand new game company to this world: Dirigitive. Frequent visitors to WatchPlayRead.com should know by now of my downright cynicism towards games that just feel like the same gameplay under a different name. Instead of just bitching about it, I’ve decided to do something about it, and thus Dirigitive was born.

Dirigitive is more than just a portmanteau of “dirigible” and “derivative”, it’s my game development philosophy. All games under the Dirigitive name will take normal conventions of current genres and twist them to make a brand new experience. Occasionally, I will test out completely new ideas of gameplay! Dirigitive will not be derivative.
The new website can be found at dirigitive.com. Keep watching in the upcoming weeks, as new projects will be jumping up soon, including a soon to be announced game exclusively for WatchPlayRead.com!

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