Intrepids #3 – Review

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Interpids made their debut in March, it is created by Kurtis Wiebe and Scott Kowalchuk.

The basis for Intrepids is not so different than the extremely popular “Umbrella Academy.” It revolves around a team of orphans that have been adopted and find a sense of family in a team that is trying to save the world from mad scientists. Each member of the team has been given their own special cybernetic implant, (as the book explains that nobody can deal with more than one implant). The team leader is a former partner of the man who seems to be the villain of the piece Dr. Koi, the king evil scientist (the more I write about this the more it sounds like X-men instead of Umbrella Academy). Dante and Koi seemed to have developed the cyborg technology together then gone their separate ways because of differences of opinion. The majority of this issue is in dealing with the back story of Dante (team leader) and his former partnership Dr. Koi. It also deals with them trying to figure out what Dante isn’t telling them about his past, and his relationship to Dr. Koi.

I think I walked in on the wrong issue, I walked in on the one that is largely exposition and back story. The First issue had the large cyborg bear and the second had the tea bagging apes, and I get this one with the back story. As a new series it takes some time to find a groove, some of the jokes fall flat, and the art work is inconsistent. That being said I don’t think that I fit in the target audience, I recommend this book for the 11-15 age bracket.

STORY: 75%
ART: 75%

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