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Interview – Travis Stever

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Recently, well more like a few weeks ago, I got a chance to interview one of my idols from Coheed & Cambria when they rolled through Salt Lake City on their Neverender Second Stage Turbine Blade tour that recently wrapped up.

The concert was amazing as you might have heard already from both myself and from Ryan Thomason who proclaimed that this was the last concert he’d probably attend. So enjoy even though it’s quite late in getting to all of you lovely people out there in the Blogdom.

Xopher Reed: So here I am with Travis Stever from Coheed & Cambria, you’ll have to excuse me if I seem a bit nervous because you’re my first live interview and of course I’m a big fan.

Travis Stever: Aw, it’s alright man, can I get you anything (motions to all the snacks within the green room)?

XR: Oh, thanks but no, we just got done eating a whole ton of sushi just down the street (nervous laughter). So Travis, what can we expect to hear from you guys tonight?

TS: We’re going to be coming out and doing an acoustic set, a couple of songs we’ve never done in an acoustic way…and a few surprises. There’s a new song we’re doing, and then we come out and do the whole Second Stage which has been going awesome.

XR: There’s been a ton of fan reviews going up and everyone’s just been going fucking nuts for it.

TS: It’s been exciting because the fans have been the best part, they’ve been more interesting to watch than for us to play. Basically we’ll do that then we’ll come back out to do an encore, and another surprise after that.

XR: Wow…are you guys throwing any Prizefighter Inferno songs in there?

TS: Yeah, there’s one in the acoustic set.

XR: Sweet! Speaking of solo projects, what about Davenport Cabinet?

TS: There’s one of those in there as well in the acoustic set. It’s been awesome, and in about 10 minutes, we’ll do a meet and greet and I do like a little VIP thing where I’ll play a little acoustic song. So I mean we’re basically giving payback for ten years of our fans being amazing you know?

XR: So how’s it like touring with Chris Pennie on drums considering that Josh was the original drummer during the recording of the album?

TS: Chris has played these songs already, cause we did Neverender, and this is a piece of it, so you basically get to see it anyway, I mean at least with this album. He’s well rehearsed in these songs and he’s played alot of these songs throughout the years in all of our shows and stuff. He really puts his own twist on it.

XR: He’s got amazing drumwork, everything on Year of the Black Rainbow and his other projects like Dillinger Escape Plan have had fucking amazing drums.

TS: That’s how we feel too.

XR: So I gotta ask…what happened to the long flowing locks of hair?

TS: Ohhhhh easy maintenance (laughs)

XR: I’m with you on that one (pointing to my scalp) I used to have some shoulder lentgth too…

TS: Yeah I decided to go for the easy maintenance.

XR: Who are you using as far as guitars while on the tour?

TS: It’s gone amazing on the acoustic set using the Taylors, as for other guitars I’m still using my Les Paul for the majority of it.

XR: Is that the same one we get to see in the Here We are Juggernaut video?

TS: Yeah, using the black one with the Keywork on it.

XR: I’m a huge fan of the Keywork, so much so that I got this done last year (me pointing to my tattoo). I can’t express how influential your guys’ music has been.

TS: That’s awesome man

XR: Yeah something about your guys’ story just has really stuck with me, it’s probably the Amory Wars’ sci-fi element or maybe even the comics. (both laugh) So speaking of Claudio, does he ever let you guys in the band have any input in to the story at all?

TS: Nah not really man, he’s the lyricist and the story is just his own.

XR: Travis it’s been great having this time with you and we can’t wait to see you on stage later.

TS: Anytime man, thanks.

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