Interview With “Dark Touch” Director Marina de Van

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Marina de Van

Writer/Director/Actress Marina de Van

I interviewed Marina de Van on Monday after WatchPlayRead did a review of her most recent movie “Dark Touch.” Check out Becky Hansen’s review here. Marina de Van may be one of the darkest female directors of all time. I say that in the most complementary way possible, as I’m a huge fan of dark subject matter. Marina seems to have a talent for presenting dark subject matter in a beautiful and chilling way. She’s capable of evoking a lot of emotion, not only with the stories she writes but the with scenes she directs. Marina should truly be an inspiration to every aspiring writer/director.

Jasen A. Mortensen: The movie dark touch has quite a bit to do with child abuse. Was it hard to write about such a horrible, but very real, problem?

Marina de Van: No, it wasn’t hard, because I was driven by the desire of understanding the anger and the pain of the victims, so I had an emotional guide for writing. I wanted to express what I felt about it, about the damages, and the long process of becoming aware of one’s own emotions about it. So I had a clear goal; it wasn’t difficult.

Jasen: Where did you draw inspiration from while writing the character of Neve?

Marina: From the idea of the kind of child I would have been if I were a victim–from my own character and nature.

Jasen: Being a female director seems to be no easy feat, even in today’s much more progressive industry. What challenges have you faced in getting your movie made?

Marina: Mostly, the challenge to overcome people’s prejudices and desire to not hear about a disturbing but real problem, and the external desire of avoiding the story because of the subject–as if most people were censors.

Jasen: The movie “In Your Skin” was both beautiful and disturbing. I’m quite curious to know what your inspiration was behind the story, and what the movie meant to you. I have a few of my own theories, but none strong enough to venture a guess.

Marina: My inspiration was, this time also, based on my own personality, my own questions about the body: is my body real? What is it made of? Of course, I can ask these questions to my body through movie-making, without knife, but the real question drives the knife to be used, for you need it to see the reality of the body, its presence, its sensitivity, its inner color.

Check out Marina’s work here!

DARK TOUCH opens in select theaters and will be available to watch on Cable VOD, SundanceNOW and other digital outlets (iTunes, Amazon Streaming, PS3 Playstation Unlimited, XBOX Zune, Google PLAY and YouTube) starting September 27th.

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