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An Interview with Colleen Coover writer for Adventure Time’s Flip Side!

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Flip-Side #1 is out tomorrow from Boom! Studios, we thought it would be fun to have a quick chat with one of the writers to get things started.

It’s no question that I am the WPR Adventure Time enthusiast. The details have been scarce on Flip-Side and just today I got my preview copy of the comic (review to come tonight hopefully) Here is my quick interview with Colleen to keep you entertained as you wait to get the comic from your pull list! If you haven’t ordered one, you can have a physical copy sent to you here: Adventure Time Flip Side #1 (of 6)

WPR – What was the process like getting a greenlight for Flip Side? Was it something that came to you or did you pitch it?

ColleencooverCollen Coover – Editor Shannon Wheeler mat up with Paul and me at San Diego Comic Con to see if we’d be interested in co-writing a six-issue series. We were all, “Yeah!” and she was all, “OK then!”

WPR – Will this story be considered Canon? Does anything that happens here become a part of the TV show stories?

It is not my understanding that any Adventure Time comic books or other stories outside the animated series are considered to be part of the official Ooo history, no. That said, fiction exists in the mind of the reader, so if you want to consider a story you like “canon”, I don’t who’s gonna stop you!

WPR – How big of a Adventure Time fan are you? Did you have to do much catching up on episodes or other Boom! Studios AT comics?

I’ve never seen an episode of Adventure Time I didn’t like! Paul and I have watched as much of it as we can get access to!

WPR – Did you have a favorite character that you had the most fun writing about? A Character that you ended up liking more after writing them?

I think Jake is my favorite character by far: I love that he’s part bro, part best friend, part sidekick, part mentor. Lumpy Space Princess has really grown on me as Paul and I wrote her dialog– she has hidden depth!

WPR – Does Pendleton Ward have a lot of say in what happens with the general storyline?

I think he makes ground rules for storytelling with the editors at KaBoom, but then it’s their job to make sure we writers follow those rules. Paul and I have not communicated with him directly, no.

WPR – Have you caught yourself saying “Oh My Glob”, “Mathmatical” or some variation of “butts” after working on the comic in real life situations?

Son, I don’t need a cartoon to inspire me to make butt jokes. I do that all on my own!

WPR – What was the hardest thing about working on this comic? (Other than keeping secrets)

Co-writing a comic series is a delicate dance, especially when you live with your partner, and have very different ways in which you approach the task of writing. Paul and I had to work out a way in which he could write together without the story getting muddled. I think we did very well!

WPR – If you lived in Ooo what type of character would you be?

I want to be like Marceline! She’s dark and cool!!!

WPR – Is the waving snail in the comic?

This is my cue to say, “You’ll have to read it to find out!” but I’m not that devious. No.

Adventure Time Flip Side #1 (of 6)

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