Interstellar: Is It Worth Your Money?

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interstellar-movie-hd-wallpaper-and-posterDirected by: Christopher Nolan

Written by: Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan

Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, John Lithgow, Jessica Chastain, David Gyasi, and Michael Caine

Run Time 169 minutes [that’s nearly three hours]

Interstellar is set in a dystopian future where there’s no more military, and no more war, because everyone is fighting to survive. Agriculture is the way of life for most as everyone is trying to not starve. One thing is abundantly clear, living on earth is no longer a viable option.

Cooper (McConaughey), an ex-shuttle pilot for NASA turned farmer, is called back to duty when he stumbles upon a secret NASA base in which a mission is being planned to travel through a wormhole to a new galaxy that has the potential to sustain the life of all humans. Cooper leaves behind his family in hopes of saving humanity. What he finds out in space is mind blowing and harrowing to say the least.

The Nolan brothers have had some amazing success in Hollywood, to the point that the fandom has grown overwhelming. There was a period of time I when couldn’t stand anyone who wanted to debate the meaning of Inception. While being a great movie, I really wanted it to die. Since things have calmed down, I’ve gone back to enjoying it. The Batman series had moments of pure genius, followed by moments of “what the hell were they thinking?” Regardless, it was good enough to cement their status as Hollywood rock stars for some time to come.

interstellar.black_.hole_Much like most of the Nolan Brothers films to date, Interstellar was not without flaw. The story felt too busy and unfocused at times. The resolution was predictable and unextraordinary, and the movie, while exciting over all, was still a bit too long. Despite all this, I am happy to get all the negative stuff out of the way because I’m excited to talk about all the positive parts of this movie.

Interstellar is the type of movie you should bring your children to, but only if you want them to dream of being astronauts, scientists. and physicists. The special effects in this movie were jaw dropping. It made me want to sign up for space camp. This is thanks to Theoretical physicist Kip Thorne whose work inspired parts of the film and also served as the scientific consultant on set. So when you you see a black hole on screen, you know that theoretically, that’s what it looks like.

Matthew McConaughey used to be one of my least favorite actors of all time. In the last three years he has slowly turned into one of my favorites. He’s really come into his own and he continued his ascension into greatness in Interstellar. Being a father that would do anything I could for the ones I loved, I found myself relating heavily to this character. He was not alone in this film however. Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, David Gyasi, and John Lithgow all gave exceptional performances.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about the nerve rattling score by Hans Zimmer. If he doesn’t get an Academy Award nomination for his work on this film, then there’s something seriously wrong with the Academy. The omnipresence of mood supplied by sound and music in this film is like no other in recent memory. A huge part of that is because Nolan painstakingly pays attention to the soundscape in his films. More so than any current director I can think of.

Interstellar is worth your money. It’s worth Avatar amounts of money. It’s worth seeing it multiple times and especially in IMAX if you have access to such a theater. Take the family, and take tissues. This movie is emotionally charged and had even me tearing up.


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