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Insidious – Trailer

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I can’t watch movies like this and it bugs me that I can’t. I, along with a few other of the contributors on this site get the willies from what we jokingly call the ‘demon fear’. It’s that being scared about something when there’s nothing to be scared of type of thing that makes it so I can’t finish the Silent Hill games and most scary films.

This is one of those movies where just watching the trailer made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Spooky doesn’t even come close to the oogyness I was feeling watching this damned trailer. Quick eyed people might recognize a few names from this flick, you have Patrick Wilson (Watchmen & Hard Candy) as the father of a family who’s being haunted by a vicious spirit who is coming after their son, Rose Byrne (Star Wars Episode II, X-Men: First Class, and Knowing) as the mother, and Barbara Hershey (Black Swan).

The movie is directed by James Wan (Saw) and written by Leigh Whannell (also from Saw) and is reportedly costing them a cool million to make…and if any good, could make oodles of money back.

I’m getting serious Poltergeist vibes from this and that’s a good thing. The movie is out this April 1st, everywhere.

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