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Insidious: Chapter 2 Success Guarantees a Third

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Any time a small budget horror film makes eight times their budget in the opening weekend, you can expect more of that series. The returns are in and the $5M budgeted horror flick raked in $41M. That’s damn impressive.

All of the people who hated the Saw series, or even the Paranormal Activity saga, can possibly add the Insidious chapters to that list. It seems Insidious is foregoing it’s conclusion now that there is a third movie in the works. Even with the departure of James Wan from the director’s chair, and the horror genre altogether. The series is going to continue on with Leigh Whannell (who wrote and appeared in both movies) as the writer for the third installment.

It’s obvious from the ending of Chapter 2 that there is more than enough room and was clearly setting up for a third movie in the series and with the same writer penning the third, you can guess that the series will keep the same tone.

How many of you out there in WPR world went to see Insidious 2 this weekend? What are your thoughts on there being a trilogy?


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