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Inocuous Facebook Update on iOS Contains Something Wonderful

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If you’re a Facebook junkie and own an iPad…prepare yourself.

The latest update from the people at Facebook on the iPhone/iPod was merely supposed to be a fix for the send button when commenting, but the fellows at TechCrunch have discovered something unexpected while digging through the update’s software…they found the iPad version of the software there as well!

If you’re not in the know, there has yet to be an official iPad application released, much to the chagrin of people like me who find ourselves using the iPad more than than our other iOS devices and would love a great native app to run off of. The iPad version of Facebook isn’t actually live just yet, but the same geeks who discovered its existence have also learned that it’s executable through some less than normal methods (i.e. might void your warranty).

They’ve got a shitload of pictures of it up and running on their blog, which makes me practically salivate at the promise of having a Facebook app that wasn’t designed by a retard (face it, the FB app on the iPhone is ass and we all know it).

There’s no definitive answer as to when we’ll get our hands on the new app for the iPad, but we’re hoping that stories like this will help them speed things along.

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