Infinity Ward vs. Treyarch: Let’s get ready to rumble!!

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Just google “Let’s get ready to rumble.” It’s valid to me.

Ladies in Gentlemen welcome to the main event tonight. To my left, weighing in at 3 games, 6 platforms with a career record of 3 successes and 0 failures……INFINITY WARD!!! And in this corner, weighing in at 2 games, 2 expansion packs and 6 platforms with a record of 1 success and 3 failures….TREYARCH!!!

Ok so maybe it’s not that much of a fight but I still found it hilarious in the interview that had with IW’s senior producer, Robert Bowling about their upcoming game, Modern Warfare 2. Remember when Treyarch said they will definitely be copy-pasta’ing Modern Warfare for the next CoD, World at War? Yeah, IW won’t be doing that at all.

“We’re not taking any pages out of World at War’s book.” – Robert Bowling, Gamerzine interview

Oh snap. He just dissed World at War. He might as well said that “WaW is a piece of shit and we don’t make shitty games here at IW.” Check out the link below to see the rest of Gamerzine’s article. It’s good stuff.


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