Infinity Ward needs to hire some hackers

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You remember those days when you would be playing your favorite video game and discover someone had figured out how to hack it or to glitch the game into winning? You remember the days when the developers actually cared and patched the game to fix the hole in their code to keep these hackers from cheating?

Yeah I miss those days. is reporting that the following Modern Warfare 2 mods have made their way to the consoles now.

    List Of Mods:

  • 1. God Mode (Don’t Die)
  • 2. Wall Hack (See People Through Walls)
  • 3. Jump Height (Jump Higher)
  • 4. Default Weapon (New Weapon)
  • 5. Gold Desert Eagle (COD4 Gold Desert Eagle)
  • 6. No Recoil (Gun Does Not Have Any Kickback)
  • 7. Unlimited Ammo (Never Run Out Of Ammo)
  • 8. Spawn With AC-130
  • 9. Every Perk (All Perks)
  • 10. Other People Have NO PERKS
  • 11. Other People Can Not Jump
  • 12. Text On Screen (Messages At Beginning)

And just as a reminder, this is AFTER Infinity Ward supposedly patched it. Maybe they should think about hiring these hackers as coders, because honestly, their current staff sucks at this.

Some of the mods could be fun if everyone was doing it as a sort of, rocket match type of game. But one guy with infinite ammo and superman-like jumping powers doesn’t exactly sound like fun to me.

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