Alan Smithee

Infinity Ward Doesn’t Like PC Gamers

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modern warfare 2 hardened edition

It’s already a known fact that PC gamers aren’t getting the Pretige edition of Modern Warfare 2, but there was hope that they’d be able to get SOME sort of special edition, namely the Hardened version that comes with a few packin goodies…well, it was officially announced yesterday that no, you PC gamers won’t be getting any version other than the vanilla, drab, disc and manual only copy of the game.

If you have some hate for how PC is being neglected is this day and age of console gaming, direct it all to Robert Bowling, the community manager for Infinity Ward, he’s the one who broke the bad news to the world…then again isn’t the saying “don’t kill the messenger”?

It’s ok PC gamers, if you want, give me the extra 20 bucks and I’ll buy the hardened version for you or the extra $80 for the prestige version and we’ll swap discs. Sounds like a plan right?

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