Alan Smithee

Infinity Blade Series Boasts $30 Million in Sales

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The Epic / ChAIR hit for the iOS platform, and easily one of the best looking series of games on the platform, has come out with a staggering number tied to sales of the games…and that number is $30,000,000. Not too shabby if you ask me.

You can thank guys like me who have spent the full retail amount for both of the games in the groups’ amazing series. Even though my pending review for Infinity Blade II might as well read like a copy/paste of the original review with how similar both games are, it’s a effing steal at $5.99. Honestly, anything that I get more than $1 and hour out of is worth it in my opinion.

I do wonder if they’ll ever step away from the iOS platform and bring this to the Kinect, Wii-U, or the PS3 Move? I guess they really don’t need to considering they’re doing JUST FINE where they’re at.

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