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Infect your Friends, Win a Prize from WPR! [WINNERS UPDATE!!!]

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Thanks to the incredibly awesome guys at PopCap games, we’ve got the best zombie prizes ever, what can you win? Read on with that delicious brain of yours.

First off, again, we want to thank PopCap for not only making one of the most awesome Zombie defense games ever (Plants Vs Zombies, duh) Which we’ve covered multiple times on our site, but for unloading a giant box of goodies on our doorstep. Well, to be honest the delivery guy was a little suspect so we double tapped him for good measure. You know, to be SAFE.

We’re all about safety here at WPR, we didn’t get a gold token for going 300 days without a zombie outbreak by sitting around doing nothing.

But, for the sake of prizes, we’re breaking down our walls built out of decomposing bodies to give you some cool stuff. Can I tease you a little longer on what the prizes are?


Here is how you can win, it’s easy, all you gotta do is infect your friends. Hey, they gotta be useful for something. What you need to do is share a link to this post in Facebook or Twitter with the following message:

Your Plants are Dead, time for you to join me in the WPR Zombie Horde.

Be sure to leave us a comment here on the main site, our Facebook page (“Like” us and comment to verify any Facebook entries), or reply to us on Twitter so we know who to look for when your friends join you as WPR Zombies and everyone can win some kick ass prizes! The more friends you get to sign up, the more entries you get since we’ll track referrals!

OH yeah, the prize packages, how many are we giving away? Fourteen. Yeah, I told you we had a lot of stuff. Please note though, only those living (Or unliving like a proud zombie should) in the USA are eligible. It’s not that we’re some kind of jerks, it’s that well, shipping to fourteen different places infested with zombie hordes is going to be interesting.

The prizes PopCap shared with us for this contest are:
Four Sunflower Figurines
Four Chinese Zombie Figurines
Four Traffic-cone Zombie Figurines
Four Regular ol’ Zombie Figurines
Four Different Styles of Hat (three each meaning we have twelve to give away)
Two Styles of Zombie Dress-up Magnet Sheets (three each meaning six total)

Here’s the Breakdown

One Grand Prize Winner: 4 x Figures, 2 sheets dress up Magnets, 1 hat of choice
TWO 1st Prize Winners: 4 x Figures, 1 choice of magnets, 1 hat (we choose)
TWO 2nd Prize Winners: 1 sheet magnets (we choose), 1 hat (we choose)
NINE 3rd Prize Winners: 1 hat (we choose)

Start breaking down some of your friends defenses and start gnawing away awesome fans of WatchPlayRead! Amass a giant horde and claim all the prizes for your group effort. Since someone has to still maintain their brain capacity, Xopher and I will sit behind our concrete walls and maintain all of the entries from our fortified compound. We’ll pick the winners who will no doubt be moaning and groaning behind our defenses and we’ll hand over your prizes that you so awesomely won because you gave up your humanity for an insatiable hunger of human flesh…and prizes.

The contest ends on SEPTEMBER 7TH, 2011 so get to it already!

I’m sorry for the looong delay in announcing the winners, the end of last week got taken over by Real Life and a 4 year olds birthday, and a list of the contest winners only on a certain computer that was in a locked building that I just now have access to. Regardless, the winners! Please Email me your address so we can get the prizes out to you!

GRAND PRIZE: Maria Nickell (Facebook)

First Prize: Zombie Toast (Facebook)
First Prize: eugaet_aux (Twitter)
Second Prize: Chris Meichtry (Facebook)
Second Prize: sneekybeagle (Twitter)
Third Prize: Melissa Burke (Facebook)
Third Prize: Nebenator (Twitter)
Third Prize: Rificz (Twitter)
Third Prize: PVinCinemascope (Twitter)
Third Prize: Jragon274 (Twitter)
Third Prize: Isaac Wilkins (Facebook)
Third Prize: captainQuiet (Twitter)
Third Prize: ropes (Twitter)
Third Prize: robots_in_love (Twitter)

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