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Infamous Director to Helm Phoenix Wright Movie

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What do ultra-violence and the legal system have in common? According to Capcom, a whole lot.

Capcom has today confirmed rumors that the famous Japanese shock director Takashi Miike will indeed be directing the upcoming live-action Phoenix Wright movie. Miike, whose previous films include Ichi the Killer (where a man cuts off the end of his tongue to prove loyalty to a gang boss) and Gozu (where a man repeatedly picks up and slams a small dog into the ground), has quite the eye for the absurd, making him a perfect fit for the series.

Also revealed was the casting of a few key characters from the games. The role of Phoenix Wright will be played by actor/model Hiroki Narimiya [pictured right] while the roles of Miles Edgeworth and Maya Fey will be taken by RoboGeisha‘s Takumi Saito and Mirei Kiritani respectively.

Capcom currently plans on releasing the film in Spring of 2012, yet it is still unknown if the film will ever see the light of day outside of Japan.

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