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Indie Spotlight: My Country, My Name

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Not a lot is known about My Country, My Name. From screenshots and trailers, it looks like a prettier version of Gang Garrison 2, meaning that it’s a 2D class based, competitive multiplayer action game. Being developed by Brazilian team, Vortex, it was initially planned for release as an Xbox Live Indie Game, but has since been announced for Windows and Mac.

The plot (as far as we know) goes like this. Yohann and Johann are sick of all the violence of the world and decide to sail off to an abandoned oil rig. Upon founding their new two man nation, they proceed to go insane and start warring over which of them it should be named after. They hire mercenaries to duke it out, and the rest is history.

So far, there are 9 classes planned:

The Musician, who looks like he’ll be able to bolster your teams morale.

The Courier, who zips around on roller skates.

The Commander, who appears to be some sort of commander.

The Shipwright, who wields a rivet gun and can dismantle enemy machines.

The Medic, doling out the obligatory heals.

The Sailor, who is probably a sailor.

The Engineer, Who appears to function similarly to his Team Fortress 2 counterpart.

The Diver, who I’m sure performs some kind of diving functions.

Finally, the Arsonist. He sets things on fire, I’m assuming.


So what do you think? Is this worth your attention, and possibly your money at some point?

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