Indie Games Arcade Returning to Eurogamer Expo 2009

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LGF09 - Skillsweek, Indie Games Arcade 09 - Eurogamer Expo & Gam

After a successful show last year, Indie Games Arcade will be running another show at both the Leeds and London Eurogamer expos.  The arcade will feature both commercial and non-commercial indie games and should be prove to be a fun addition to the main expo.  Last year the arcade features appearances from Braid and World of Goo, both of which went on to become massive hits in their own right I wonder if we’ll see any games like that this year?  I think it’s great that indie games are starting to garner a lot more attention on both sides of the atlantic and we never know which of them will the next big thing.  The line up has yet to be announced, I’ve got my fingers crossed for Fez but thats got a 2010 release date so I can’t see it happening.  I’ll be heading to the London Expo, if you’re planning on going let me know.

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