Incorruptible #8

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I am faced with a dilemma, how do I continually review one of my favorite comics?

Incorruptible #8 is here.  Buy this book.

As usual, Incorruptible #8 was written by its creator, Mark Waid, and drawn by Horacio Domingues.  As usual, they do a good job.

Something that tickled my funny bone was the expansion of snarky humor to the new Jailbait.  This humor, partly self-deprecating, expands her character.  As I have mentioned before when discussing this comic book, the few central characters, as opposed to the many in Irredeemable, makes this a better book because Mr. Waid can focus on them.  We also learn more about Max Damage’s powers.

One of my complaints in the last issue, the white supremacist villains, was dealt with well.  I am not sure where the story is going next, which is fine.

Bottom Line $3.99/$3.99

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