Incorruptible #7

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I was dubious about this comic at first:  Was it merely a pretender riding the coattails of the successful Irredeemable?  It was, after all, advertised as the reverse story of Irredeemable:  The villain is now the hero.

However, seven issues in, I find myself liking Incorruptible more than Irredeemable for another area where they are opposites:  Irredeemable tells a sprawling story with many characters, while Incorruptible focuses on one man’s redemption with a smaller cast of characters.

It seems, with a tighter cast, author/creator Mark Waid creates tighter scripts.  This issue proves it for me.  Even though the current villains are white supremacists (groan?), I can see how they fit into the larger picture of Max’s story.  Somehow, Max will end up back in Sky City, at the start of his story.  Of course, that story is about redemption, and while Max is going straight for that goal, I see a fall coming soon.  This issue showed a little of what his redemption is going to cost him emotionally.  Usually, redemption comes with atonement, and I do not believe Max will make everything right with just changing his actions.

Recently, it seems that Incorruptible has been meandering, but Incorruptible has my attention.

(Horacio Domingues did the art in this issue, and I am not sure what I think about it.  Let me know what you think, will you?)

Bottom Line $3.99/$3.99

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