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Incorruptible #11: Preview/Review

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I don’t read much in the world of comic books, though, this is one that I’ve started to make time for. Incorruptible surrounds Max Damage a former bad guy turned good guy, when good guy Plutonian decided to kill a couple million people. It is a great read regardless if that last sentence confused you or not.

Max and his lovely sidekick Headcase (passed out in the car) have Alana Patel, former girlfriend of The Plutonian with them. Even though not incredibly much happens in the issue, you still get some juicy details. Like why Alana feels responsible for what Plutonian did, and we get to see Max Damage offer up a side of himself that NOBODY has probably seen. I’m really digging this comic, and with the cliffhanger left in this issue, I can’t wait to see what happens next. Will The Diamond Gang level the city with their superweapon ‘retribution?’ Will the jerk former Senator Dick Swain be successful in framing Max Damage even further in the eyes of the public and law?

I can’t wait to find out. This is definately a comic that everyone should have in their hold at your local comic book store. I’m now understanding why the writing of Mark Waid is held in such high regard, and the artwork by Marcio Takara is great to look at.

Score: $3.99/$3.99 Worth every penny, get it now, don’t wait for trades! Oh, and get the first two trades to get caught up! I suggest you call the owner Greg at Black Cat Comics, I think he’ll even mail everything out to you free of charge, tell him WPR sent you.

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