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In the Mail – Tron: Legacy “Identity Disc” Edition

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I got an email from Amazon yesterday that told me what my weekend would consist of…hours and hours of watching every bit of the special features, comentary tracks, and rewatching of the original 1982 classic.

I put in my pre-order as soon as Amazon was taking them and now it’s a matter of it coming through my Amazon Prime shipping route. It’ll probably not arrive at my residence until Wednesday, but I’m hoping that it will arrive sometime tomorrow so when I get up from my afternoon of sleep…it’ll be sitting there waiting for me.

I don’t normally order the gigantic “fuck you edition” of movies or games because I think that in the long run, you end up wasting your money, but with this I couldn’t help myself. The edition I ordered comes with 5 discs:

  1. Tron Legacy 3D Blu-ray
  2. Tron Legacy 2D Blu-ray
  3. Tron Legacy DVD Copy
  4. Tron Classic 1982 Blu-ray
  5. Digital Copy Disc

I know I shouldn’t be really excited for the packaging that it’s coming in, because let’s face it…when has there ever been a decent multi-disc edition toy that isn’t a steaming pile. I’m just giddy thinking about having this thing adorn my movie shelf at the very top, away from 2 year-old prying hands.

How many of you are planning on going out to get this today, or already have it inbound through your favorite retail source? Let us know in the comments below!

I promise to share pictures when it comes in. I am so excite!

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