In Memoriam: Jerry Lawson

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Many (myself included) hadn’t heard of him until now, but the creator of the first true video games console had died. He died last Saturday of unknown causes.

Lawson was the designer of the Fairchild Channel F console, which was groundbreaking for its time because it was the first time different games could be changed via this crazy idea called a cartridge. If you think of what came after the Channel F in 1976, we have a lot to thank the Silicon Valley engineer for.

Lawson also belonged to the Homebrew Computer Club in Silicon Valley and was the only black member. The same club had other what are now notable figures in the computing industry, including Apple Founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Lawson was honoured at the International Game Developer’s Association Minority Special Interest Group at last month’s GDC.

Source: 1UP

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