My Impressions of Red Faction: Guerrilla

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So like many others, I recently got my hands on the Red Faction: Guerrilla Beta. At first, I didn’t have any luck getting a beta code until Demi (aka Gynecologist Cobra, aka ElectroLemon) of Destructoid’s Community Blogs suggested using a proxy. Then it was simply a matter of lying my way into the beta. So with that, I thought that I’d share my impressions on the beta, even though I shouldn’t be playing it, but hey, I wasn’t the one who let it be exploited by a proxy.

This is strictly a multiplayer beta in which we can only hammer other players’ faces in. The beta contains two playlists: Ranked Team Anarchy, which is hammering, blasting, crushing, etc. each other, where there doesn’t seem to be any ranking involved. Then there’s Social-Mega-Mixer which consists of Team Anarchy (aka Team Deathmatch) and Damage Control, which is much like Territories except you have to demolish your opponent’s territory and then heal it to make it your own.

Moving onto the gameplay which is easy to get used to. As usual, you use RT to shoot, and RB + A, B, X, or Y changes your weapon depending on what tool of destruction you want (I’d choose RB + A for some Moon Hammer fun). LT is your melee attack and the rest is pretty self-explanatory. There’s a little bit of a learning curve if you’ve never played a third-person shooter but it’s all simple enough. It’s a pretty fun, if not standard game; luckily that’s where the Jetpacks and Moon Hammer come in.

There are various jetpacks to choose from: Rhino lets you blast into your enemies, FleetFoot lets you run faster, jetpack as you could imagine makes you go up, firepower helps your firepower, and concussion which makes a blast around you to knock and damage your enemies.

The Moon Hammer is the primary tool for the destructible buildings. It’s pretty damn fun to see what you can do with it, and of course you can kill people with it. You need to be fast because the swing is slow as hell. The Moon Hammer gives way to some of the more funny ways to kill people, for example crushing them with a building.

There are still issues with the beta. For one, the graphics could really be a lot better with what the game is running on, but of course the game doesn’t come out until next year so Volition has plenty of time to work on that. Second, the game is prone to some cheapness. With the Jetpack, you can blast up to the tall rocks located on the various maps to sit and pick off unwary enemies from above with little chance of death. This could be simply fixed by making that impossible. Finally, it’s so much fun to play the matchmaking and menu screen mode. Let me tell you that it’s just so much better than the modes where you can actually play the game. What with the waiting times and connection losses, it makes it all that much more lasting.

Still, it’s the early days of the beta and hopefully that will be fixed by the game’s release.

So there you guys and girls, those are my impressions. I’m not sold on it yet but the game shows potential, so long as it isn’t just good for the multiplayer. I don’t know if it’s still possible to get into the beta but it is achievable without an IGN insider account ;)

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