James Helsby

Immortals. Think 300 with just slightly less Spartaaaaaaa!!!!

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300 was an interesting film, one that I both enjoyed and dismissed within the same conversation. It was totally over the top, but still pretty enjoyable. Well, Immortals looks pretty much the same, and that’s probably unfortunate.

The story is somewhat similar to Clash of the Titans, in that it involves the Greek gods, Ares and Zeus. But follows what happens when Mickey Rourke (as titan Hyperion) declares war on Humanity. But because the gods can’t intervene, they are left to only watch as Theseus, Phaedra, and a slave are chosen to fight for the gods and save humanity.

Produced by Mark Canton (300), Ryan Kavanaugh (Skyline), and Gianni Nunnari, you can pretty much expect over the top special effects and probably a pretty weak story line. The trailer (below) looks pretty cool, but some of the sequences seem just a little too 300 for me. Particularly with the masses of soilder’s gathered outside the gates. But formulate your own opinions.

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