Immortal Midget and Cocaine-Addled Pimp Bird

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Normally, I’d start this with something along the lines of ‘ignore misleading title’. But, don’t ignore the title, because it is in no way misleading. Kill Audio is just that awesome.

Background story: I love Coheed & Cambria.

For the last 5 years or so, Coheed lyrics have lit up every aspect of my life. I own all the albums, and the Deluxe Edition of Year of the Black Rainbow(I’ve read the novel god only knows how many times). I bought all the comics, and am soon to purchase the Ultimate Edition of In Keeping Secrets. Claudio Sanchez is basically my childhood hero.

So, when I discovered a hardcover edition of Kill Audio on the Coheed store, I picked it up. I’m honestly not sure what I expected, because as a comic about music from my musical idol, I should’ve been pretty excited about it. Trust me, you should be too.

Kill Audio opens up with a bang. Right away, we have KA running from various things out to kill him for unknown reasons. We see him trash-talk his opponents, knowing full well he cannot die. We meet Fixler,a man who’s nose is a nail remover, and witness his never-ending quest to kill KA. It’s all very exciting, but it leaves me wondering, what’s the point?

‘Purrently, I’m not the only one wondering. Fixler and KA have the same conversation, and it opens up our main plot point: What’s Kill Audio’s purpose?

I won’t spoil it. But its damn cool.

The characters that join KA on his quest are even better. DJ Bedroom( a sweet, loyal talking pillow) and the Bone Beaver(a skeleton in a Beaver costume with what appears to be a perpetual boner. I’m confused too), and my personal favorite, Chicken Coke Daddy. Known as ‘Chi-co’, Chicken Coke Daddy is basically a giant chicken who snorts gratuitous amounts of cocaine and, consequently, imagines he’s a pimp. It’s even funnier than it sounds.

Claudio Sanchez and his co-writer/wife Chandra Echert have crafted what is without a doubt my favorite comic. It is hysterical, with its burning wit in all the right places, and the characters can do naught but accentuate the humor and story. Sheldon Vella, the brilliant artist, brings his own macabre side through the designs of characters like Fixler, Jazz, and Rock. The designs work with the characters in perfect syncopation, and every snappy one-liner makes me laugh.

Whether you use comixology or prefer print, Kill Audio is a must-have, and I highly recommend it.

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