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Images From the New Thundercats Cartoon

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The London Toy Fair has begun today, and we’re oh so lucky to have spy shots that were leaked showing us the cast of the new Thundercats cartoon that’s being made by Warner Bros. I have to say that this is definitely a show that I would watch.

Considering the original was a Rankin Bass hot mess that was animated in Japan (hint all animation in japan is ANIME) by members of Toei, this new version that features some nicely updated characters might just be a classic cartoon remake that I’d like.

For all of the purists out there that think that this show should remain untouched, I beseech you to go back and actually watch a few episodes and NOT groan at how terrible the dialog was. Yes it looked pretty, but other than that, it was a terrible show…besides, we all know that Silverhawks was better.

There’s not an ETA for this show to hit the airwaves, but with concept art and an actual show from the show, I’d say that we could possibly see this series sometime this summer or fall depending on where and when WB decides to sell it.

I have to be honest here, Cheetara’s huge breasts would probably be a hindrance to her high speed running power, but they’re sure fun to look at.


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