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Image Firsts, The Walking Dead #1

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If you’re like me, you haven’t read The Walking Dead series because you’re one of the picky types that HAS to start something from the beginning. Well, on Wednesday 4/20 you can get the first issue of The Walking Dead for a buck.

It looks like Image Comics is doing a reprint of this first issue in a landmark series that was the basis for the pretty kick ass show on AMC last year. I started watching the show without ever having read any of the comics, and now that I’ve had a chance to read this first issue I’m kind of kicking myself. Why did I wait so long? The story just rocks, and the artwork by Tony Moore is just do damn clean and practically flawless. For a comic series that doesn’t use any color in it’s print it just looks drop dead sexy (pun intended).

STORY: 98%
ART: 97%

If you didn’t see the 6 episode season one of the TV series on AMC, OR for some reason have avoided both the show and these comics I’ll fill you in. Rick is a cop, he gets shot and wakes up to a zombie infested wreck of his town. He meets some survivors and then breaks one of the biggest rules any sane person should avoid in a zombie apocalypse. Don’t go to the big cities, they are probably WORSE than anywhere else. More people = MORE ZOMBIES. If you need something to kick start your venture into this series like I just did, make sure you pick up this reprint at your comic book store tomorrow.

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