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Image Comics’ Sex Criminals Gets It’s Fourth Printing!

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 How many chances do they have to give you?

Sex Criminals


Matt Fraction


Chip Zdarsky




Sex Criminals #1 (2nd Printing) – $2.80 (Click the link to buy it now!)
Retail Price: $3.50

Release Date:

September 25th 2013

Guys, guys I told you. I told you this comic was great. All the way back in October, I told you this comic was great. Will it’s first issue going into it’s fourth printing make a believer out of you? Will it?!

Sorry, got a little intense there for a second. Seeing something you enjoy do so well just gets you so excited, and boy am I excited! From my first review about them,  you know I’m a pretty big Matt Fraction fangirl, and I’m warming up to Chip Zdarsky as well. I mean honestly, look at that cover. They are adorable. Well what are you waiting for? Go! Buy! Read! Laugh! Let’s get a 5th printing going, I’d love to see what they use for a cover on that.

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