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Fall TV Preview: 18 Shows Not to Miss

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Oh TV, how I’ve missed you…
Now that Fall is upon us, the time has come to get reacquainted with you couch and remote control. With the 2013 Fall TV season starting over the next couple months, I figured now would be a good time to share what I’m gonna be watching (and reviewing) this year. So i suggest making sure your DVR is empty cause there are some great shows returning, and killer new series premiering. To help maximize your television viewing enjoyment, here are my suggestions.

Full disclosure: this is not a complete list of all fall shows, just a list of the awesome one’s I would recommend and will be spending my time watching.


Premieres 10/9/13 on the CW

My favorite new show from last year returns with a packed season 2. We can expect this year that Oliver will have to deal with the tragic fallout from season one’s finale, hopefully get a red hooded sidekick, and give us more of those fantastic island sequences. Also with DC universe regulars Amanda Waller and Barry Allen (that’s the Flash to those of you who didn’t know) already confirmed, this season looks to really expand Oliver Queens place in the DC live action universe. It has also been confirmed that WPR’s resident superhero, Brian West (me), will be bringing super coverage and weekly reviews to this DC masterpiece.

The League

Premiered 9/4/13 on FXX
The best sports comedy that’s not really about sports, kicks off its 5th season on FX’s new comedy focused channel FXX. This show about friends playing fantasy football, doesn’t require that you do the same, so don’t let the premise scare you off. If you like your comedy dirty, then The League is required viewing.


Premieres 10/8/13 on the CW
After a couple lackluster seasons, last years demon focused story line really took this show back to it roots and proved there is still life left in this long running franchise. Season 9 looks to continue the Heaven and Hell struggles as Sam and Dean now must deal with all the angels falling to earth and their own pet angel Castiel now human.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Premieres 9/24/13 on ABC

Haven’t heard a lot about this show, but I think it ties in to Marvel comics somehow. Ya right, you’d have to be living on the moon not have heard something about this new series. With a Joss Whedon directed pilot, the return of Agent Colston, and lots of mystery surrounding any potential superhero appearances; you can bet I’ll be watching this direct follow up to Marvel’s The Avengers. Its a safe bet that WPR will be providing bonus coverage of this Fall television event.


Premieres 9/23/13 on ABC
Nathan Fillion. That’s all that needs to be said

The Walking Dead

Premieres 10/13/13 on AMC

The zombie apocalypse is back !!! This super addictive show about life with the undead, returns for its fourth season. Now that the governor has been defeated, expect this season to be a much happier, much more uplifting saga of Rick and his friends……ya right. I’m sure we can all expect more surprise deaths, massive amounts of gore and carnage, and lots and lots of the dead walking around making life unpleasant for our favorite survivors. Watch out for WPR’s own zombie queen Becky to gives us some truly horrifying insight and killer weekly reviews.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Premiere TBD on Nickelodeon

With only a one month hiatus, TMNT returns for is second season this fall. Expect new bad guys, more Shredder and Splinter fallout over Karai, and the introduction of everyone’s favorite hockey masked hero, Casey Jones. All of us at WPR have began our ninja training, so expect expert coverage of this fan favorite.

Avengers Assemble

Returns 9/15/13 on DisneyXD

The Avengers continue their battle against the forces of evil after a month long hiatus. This fun, action packed animated series is a much watch for any fan. Look for WPR’s Brian West (me again) to continue my review coverage of this great show.


Premieres 9/26/13 on CBS
This outstanding modern take on Sherlock Holmes and a female version of Watson, continues is crime solving adventures in season 2. Any fan of Holmes, or smart murder mystery, needs to watching this show.

South Park

Premieres 9/25/13 on Comedy Central
Eric Cartman and crew are back for this 10 episode run. After 16 seasons this show still remains one of the funniest on TV. With episodes made the same week it airs, you can always count on South Park to keep up on current events, and then make fun of them.

Sleepy Hollow

Premieres 9/16/13 on FOX

A new take on a classic story. Ichabod Crane and the headless horseman are transported to the present day in this new series brought to us by the producers of Fringe. Consider me intrigued.

East Bound and Down

Premieres 9/29/13 on HBO

Season 3 was suppose to be the end, but I guess no one tells Kenny Powers when its time to go except Kenny Powers. With season 4 the real end is here, so expect Danny McBride to pull no punches is this way over the top comedy gem.

Once Upon a Time

Premieres 9/29/13 on ABC
Everyone has a show they don’t tell their friends they watch, this one is mine. This fairy tale soap opera is quite entertaining, even if it has a tendency to be a little on the silly side. Look for season 3 to be set in Neverland, with an interesting evil take on Peter Pan.

The Tomorrow People

Premieres 10/9/13 on the CW

A remake of a 1970’s British show, this X-Men like new series has potential. Hopefully it can avoid some of the pitfalls that sunk Heroes.

Almost Human

Premieres 11/4/13 on Fox

Karl Urban stars in this futuristic series as a cop, who’s partnered with an android. The catch? He doesn’t trust technology. Being that its from J.J. Abrams, I lose my nerd card if I don’t watch.

Dragons: Defenders of Berk

Premieres 9/19/13 on Cartoon Network

The fantastic animated spin-off from How To Train Your Dragon, now enters season 2. Look for new dragons in this next chapter of Dreamworks hit franchise.

Beware the Batman

Currently airing on Cartoon Network

This new CGI show focuses on Batman’s early years, and ditches the well known bad guys for villains that even I haven’t heard of. It results in a surprising fresh new take on the Dark Knight. This is required viewing for any fan of Batman.

Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

Currently airing on DisneyXD

The newest addition to the Marvel animation lineup is by far the funniest. Come for the jokes, stay for the smashing. Seriously, my entire family watches this show, its great fun.

So now you know what I will doing with all my free time this fall. Sound off below and let me know what you plan on watching, and if there is a show I’m crazy for missing. Happy couch potatoing!!!!

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