Ryan Thomason

I’m Sold on NBC’s New Show ’17th Precinct’

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Take Ron Moore, add in a whole bunch of the Battlestar Galactica cast, and mix some a Harry Potter magic feel with Crime Drama for extra flavor, and you get 17th Precinct.

When the guys over at io9 get excited about something, it’s hard not to notice. Here are some tidbits that I got from them, check out their great article if you want the whole thing.

The setting is a city called Excelsior, everything is basically San Francisco but with magic (Golden Gate Bridge has no cables, Cars Drive themselves) Instead of Christmas there is Equinox for the Gods (not singular, yes.) Come on, the houses even how “power plants”, actual plants that give a house all the energy it needs, that’s just awesome, and Ron Moore really knows how to set a back story. Magic makes police work a little different. You call a necromancer to the scene to do forensics and examine dead bodies. Who just ask the spirits what the hell happened via necropsy (instead of autopsy) Instead of photographing the scenes they make “etchings” to show every angle of the scene via magic.

Come on, that sounds way better than another Law and Order, or NCIS, or CSI, or whatever else crap show out there.

If you wanted to know the cast, here it goes, all you BSG fans are going to cream yourselves.

  • Caolan Longstreet. Played by Jamie Bamber (Apollo), who’s putting on an American accent once again.
  • Jeff Bosson. Played by James Callis (Gaius Baltar), keeping his British accent.
  • Susan. Played by Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk.
  • Lt. Liam Butterfield. Played by Caprica’s Esai Morales.
  • Mira Barkley Played by Stockard Channing
  • Jimmy Travers. Played by Matt Long
  • Morgana. Played by Tricia Helfer (Number 6). She’s the Precinct’s resident necromancer, who does the necropsys and stuff.

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