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I’m Prepared for Tron Legacy

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There are many silly things that us geeks do when it comes to seeing much-anticipated movies, first and foremost is the new movie prep if it’s a sequel. That’s why in preparation of watching Tron Legacy in a few days, I went back and watched the original 1982 Tron. Did it stand the test of time?

In short, yes…yes it did, very much so. Then again, I’m a huuuuuuge admitted Tron geek who would gladly don the Tron Guy suit and run around a convention for three days.

One of my biggest gripes recently has been about people seeing classic movies and games with their current viewpoints instead of seeing it as a person who was around at the time. I, luckily, was around for Tron when I was a kid. True, I was only like 3 or 4 when I finally got to see it. But still I was there and it was one of those movies that shaped me as a geek from an early early early age, much like Transformers and Robotech later in life.

From the moment I started the movie up and heard the excellent soundtrack by Wendy Carlos, I knew I was in for a treat. It’s been a good seven or eight years since I last saw the movie and I was honestly starting to worry that I might not ever break out one of my childhood favorites for another watch. Sure, the dialog might not be the best ever put into a movie, but to be honest, there are dozens of higher rated movies from the same era with laughable dialogue as well…it was almost 30 years ago guys. Everyone in the 80s talked like that!

As for the special effects, which this movie holds a special place for most computer geeks, they still look just as awesome as when I was a kid. Seeing Tron dispatch four of Sark’s warrior elite is still fun to watch, even the final battle between Tron and Sark is still as awesome as I remember. Let’s not forget what kept bringing guys like me back to this movie, the scenes with the lightcycles, which still are some of the best pieces of early hybrid film / CG that were ever made.

So now I ask myself after seeing it again, did it do much for me when it comes to preparing me for the sequel? No, not really, because I still remember whole sections of dialogue and have understood the story for a good long time now, that I don’t think it did much for me when it comes to preparation. However, if I could have convinced my wife to watch it with me, I’m sure it would have been a different story. She’s going to the movie with me on Friday and has never even seen the original…much like many people going to see it this weekend I’m sure.

I hope she will have as much fun as I’m thinking I will…because in all honesty this movie could be a steaming pile and I’d probably still love it.

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