Ryan Thomason

I’m Going to the Moon! (If I had $150 Million)

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Hello fellow wealthy citizen of Earth! Do you also have a cool $150 Million dollars that you were just going to use as toilet paper and/or for burning in your fireplace instead of wood to keep your mansion warm? Let’s go to the moon together instead!

Yes, that’s right, the fine people at Space Adventures have come up with the greatest plan ever. You see, it wasn’t enough that they were charging twenty million to thirty five million a pop to go to the International Space Station, now they’ve upped the ante. The One Hundred Fifty mill will get you the second seat on the three man Russian Soyuz craft. Yes, one seat has already been sold, and the final one will be your fine Russian mission commander, who will probably speak harshly to you the whole time. Until the open seat is sold, the mission is grounded.

What will you get? The tourists would launch into orbit where they would rendezvous with a separately-launched unmanned rocket, which would jet them the rest of the way to the moon. Wait….if it is that easy, WHY THE HELL AREN’T WE DOING THAT ALREADY? Then the lovely probably not incredibly rich probably not douchebags will get to circle the moon at an altitude of sixty-two miles, getting that up-close view of the cratered lunar surface and that storied Earthrise that thus far has only been witnessed by

    twenty four people.

Round Trip: Eight to Nine Days

Me, Jealous? Very much so.

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