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I’m buying RAGE for PS3

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fanboy anatomy

I decided today that I’m going to embrace my PS3 a lot more in this upcoming game season. Part of this is because of how distasteful the Xbox 360 fans have been treating PS3 users on many of the forums and sites I check regularly for news.

Take for instance, the most recent flame war about id Software’s RAGE coming out for both systems. It seems that at the current build level (notice fanboys that I said ‘current’ build level), the Xbox 360 is running higher FPS than the PS3 version. After all of the fighting and speculation reached a fevered pitch, Mr. id Software himself John Carmack came out and said that they were planning on having both systems running at a ‘locked’ 60 FPS…the PS3 was just behind in development.

It was amazing how the discussion and fighting just seemed to immediately stop at that point. Then, as expected, the Sony fanboys lauched their counter-assault…and started hating on the 360’s inability to have a medium that can handle the entirety of the game without being split up. These assholes will just never learn that nothing is solved from fanboyism, will they?

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