Ryan Thomason

I’m Afraid of No Ghostbusters in the Theaters.

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Is it true? Or just another tease, I’m betting it’s just a tease.

According to the Ghostbusters Facebook Page (Who doesn’t have a Facebook page now?) they’re hinting that during October you’ll get to see the movie in theaters. Though, there is no news as to what cities, and how big of a release it will be. Or if it’s even happening and this is just the studios doing some kind of mind games to gauge how much interest there might be in Ghostbusters 3.

The idea is pretty cool though, this is a movie that I wore the hell out in VHS. I’d love a chance to see it as an adult in the theaters, even if it’s some crap DVD remastering of crap.

We’ll keep you informed as we get the info. Meanwhile, check out the Ghostbusters Facebook page and watch the trailer for this supposed theatrical re-release.

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