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Why I’ll Keep Watching FX’s Chozen

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When I first heard of Chozen, the new animated show from FX, I really didn’t think I’d enjoy it nor would I figure I’d keep watching, but after seeing just two episodes of this inaugural season, I will keep watching it and I’ll tell you why. It’s not afraid to break social norms.

ChozenAt the first viewing of the series so far, I was a bit repulsed by the character of Chozen and how he was socially awkward after spending a serious amount of time in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. But after the shock wore off, I realized that he embodied everything that is wrong with hetero-centric culture. On one hand you have the ex-roadie and overall creep Jimmy (voiced by Danny McBride) who lusts actively over just about every damn lady he can see on the show and on the other you have Chozen who does the the exact same but for guys.

I am weary sometimes of media that portrays LGBT people in a negative light as it’s been an uphill battle for those in that community and allies like myself who don’t want caricatures to reflect an entire culture. Chozen at first pissed me off for being such a whore toward any good looking guy on the show until I realized that he wasn’t making fun of gay culture, but was making fun of hetero-normal culture because if it’s the social norm for a rapper and alpha male to lust after woman in a piggish brutish fashion, why can’t it be the norm when same sex attraction is involved?

The quickest answer is that it shouldn’t. In fact, the fact that he’s gay shouldn’t even be an issue and I think that this is the reason that Chozen will stay on my DVR. It’s done so matter-of-factly and how others on the show don’t have an issue with who Chozen is as a person that it’s refreshing.

There are other great reasons to watch the show such as it’s a great parody of the misogynistic and machismo that shows up in rap music these days. I mean, I’ve listened to rappers like The Geto Boys and Easy-E that tout how they treat women as objects and that they obviously have the bigger balls and more money than the listener. Chozen does the same except he flips the table and makes men into usable objects. It’s clever and subtle, and I almost missed it.

The show is on Monday nights after Archer on FX and has been pretty damn solid for the first two episodes. I’d like to know what you all think as well, are you watching?

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