Ilabaca vs. Brink – Video

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The difference between digital and analog parkour.

Brink has one thing that I’m hoping will make it shine and that’s the addition of parkour elements with their SMART system. Anybody who has dealt with a FPS game can attest that not being able to maneuver smoothly around a map can be the difference between life and death. You may be running away and attempt to jump over a barrier for cover. Little do you know that the barrier was created with an invisible no fly zone. So you jump into the air and get stopped hard. The guy behind you laughs, calls you a n00b, stabs you with his melee knife, then teabags you for not having spent hours learning every minor programming flaw about the level.

With the SMART system, they’ve taken a ton of time making the maps maneuverable like in Mirror’s Edge. You see a barrier in between you and them? Bunny hop it. A ledge above you? Kick, jump, grab. It looks like it will remove a lot of those problems.

In this clip they show the similarities between the moves of parkour savant Daniel Ilabaca and the moves they incorporated into Brink.

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