IGN interview reveals more details about Batman: Arkham City

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IGN chat to Rocksteady Studios game director Sefton Hill recently and he provided some new details about the upcoming Arkham City.

From the interview, Hill tells us that:

  • The game has been in the works since February 2009 as a concept.
  • There are even more villains in the game that haven’t been announced yet. At the moment there is Two Face, Hugo Strange, Joker, Harley Quinn and Catwoman.
  • Hugo Strange’s role in the game is warden of Arkham City.
  • The game is purely a single player experience, squashing any rumours about a co-op or multiplayer mode

So the main thing we can gather from this interview then is that there’s no multiplayer. To be honest, I’m glad. I wouldn’t want Rocksteady to shoe horn in co-op or multiplayer into a game that doesn’t look like it really needs it. The first game  is one of the best single player experiences of the last few years and if something isn’t broken then why fix it?  Aside from that, we still don’t know a whole lot about the game’s plot and hopefully it stays that way. The less we know, the better.

Source: IGN

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